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Now over the years, we have been asked A LOT of questions about our product, and rightfully so. The media has given people ideas about absinthe that are not always accurate, or even in the ballpark of true. So, here, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we hear. And if you have a question we have not addressed, please, feel free to go to our "Contact" page and fire away. We are always more than happy to educate people on our product!


What is it made of?

Wormwood is the basis of all absinthe. Without it, you simply cannot have absinthe. The thujone contained in the wormwood makes absinthe, well, absinthe. The rest of it are all bonuses. Everything from vanilla to chilis to star anise is added to our absinthe to provide our customers with many pre-made kits (and way more on the way), and ask about how to custom order a special kit!


What does absinthe do to you?

Ah... we are so glad you asked. According to some movies and such out there, you see green fairies and it makes you do some questionable things with family members. But let me assure you... No. It does not.. Blame all of your indiscretions on something else. Absinthe, as one very astute customer of ours put it, "It's like living life in HD." Some people experience a dreamlike state. Others could see colors more vividly. Sounds could become sharper and more distinguishable. Your sense of smell could pick up nuances not noticed before, and even your tactile perceptions could be more intense. Not everyone will experience the same things. You may experience all of them, or just a few. It all depends on your body. We have artists who have come to us and shown us their artwork as they continued to paint and drink absinthe. The colors grew more bold, the strokes more intense. Authors and poets report their muses are on overdrive while drinking absinthe.There is a reason so many artisans swear by this drink.


How much do I need to drink before I can feel the effects of the absinthe?

To be honest? As much as it takes. Just like we can't predict how much alcohol one can consume before feeling the effects, we can't really tell you how much exactly you need to consume before this will have an effect. It all depends on how your body is made, your metabolism, your size, your tolerance. Everyone is different. Someone new to this could possibly feel the effects after an ounce of the absinthe, or it may take four.  Same with a seasoned absinthe drinker. If you are new to this, take your time with it. Enjoy it. Enjoy the process of it. Slowly ease yourself into it and see how it affects you.


Isn't absinthe illegal?

Well, if it was... we would be in a lot of trouble, or maybe just super brave for putting ourselves out there like this. But as we have not been arrested yet and I'm not willing to go to jail over this, I assure you it is perfectly legal. In 2006, absinthe was again legalized in the US for consumption. We have run into this question time and time again, even getting into events, and we have spoken to the department of agriculture, DEA, and BATF along with police departments and sheriffs all over the country, many wondering why in the world we would be asking this question. But to put any and all minds at ease, we did our legwork and then some to make sure everyone knew our product was legal to sell and consume. So drink up, my friends!


Isn't absinthe the stuff that made Van Gogh cut off his own ear?

(Yes - we really get asked this...) But let's be honest here, people, Van Gogh, although brilliant, had issues way before he started drinking absinthe. But in all seriousness, back in the early, early days of absinthe, they were making this stuff with opium and formaldehyde and then proceeding to drink it out of lead crystal glasses. Traditional absinthe also had between 95-98% alcohol by volume... Anyone else see a few issues? The wormwood itself, the little guy who brings us our absinthe, has been given a bad rap. He is not a hallucinogen. Absinthe is not, and has been proven to not be, a hallucinogen. Take that, Van Gogh! One of the great things about purchasing one of our kits is that you get your absinthe effects, with an alcohol strength of your choosing in the flavor that you choose.


How do I use this kit you gave me?

Please see our instructions page on the website for making and drinking your absinthe.


Can you make this into a tea?

We do now have a line of kits that you can make your very own teas. As for the absinthe, however, well, the jury is still out on that one. We have had customers tell us they have done it successfully, but we have not done any thorough research and testing on this ourselves. We will be in the near future, but as of right now, we don't have enough experience with this to say with 100% guarantee that you will get the same effects if made into a tea rather than mixing with alcohol. Without us doing our own research, we are not comfortable telling anyone that this is going to give you the experience you are looking for. If you try it and it works, PLEASE, let us know. We would love to hear about your experience with it!


Well, if I can't make it into a tea, what else can I do with it? Can I smoke it? Can I make it into a poultice?

Ummm... technically, once you buy our kits, they belong to you. Technically, you can do anything you want to with it. Technically, I would highly suggest not doing these things with it. Technically, I would advise you  to follow the instructions provided to you to completely enjoy your absinthe experience. Technically speaking...


Shoot! I forgot about my absinthe and left the kit in the alcohol for two months! I bet it's ruined now, isn't it?

Not at all, my dear, not at all. The alcohol has now absorbed all of the thujone out of the wormwood and is all nestled nicely in your jar. The herbs will not go bad while sitting in the alcohol, so do not fret. The flavors will mellow out and the drink will become smoother. The longer the herbs sit in the alcohol, the more they blend. The bitters, if any, will also grow less intense as time passes.

How long do I have before I have to make my absinthe?

We always suggest that you make your absinthe right away; however, sometimes life gets in the way and we have to wait a while to make this or maybe we want to give it as a gift. If you aren't planning on using your kit right away, please store in the refrigerator. This will keep your herbs usable for 6-8 months. Remember, during this time, the herbs will start to lose their oils and can become stale, altering the taste of the flavor you chose. So, it is always better to make it right away, and store the absinthe itself until you are ready to drink it.

How many times can I use this bag?

Once - leave the bag in the alcohol for a total of 25 to 45 days depending on the strength of your alcohol. Our standard is 30 days for a bottle of alcohol that is around 45% ABV. For an alcohol with an ABV of around 14% (the lowest you can use our kits in) the time goes up to about 45 days. If you are a seasoned drinker or just really like not remembering the night you had before, you can use an alcohol with an ABV of 55% or higher and you cut down the time needed to only 25 days.

Is this traditional absinthe?

If you are asking if this is distilled absinthe, then the answer is no. It's not. We use the same type of wormwood, however, that is used in traditional absinthe, and you will get the thujone from the wormwood. But what you are making is a tincture. There is no distillation with our products. We have had people use our kits while distilling their own alcohols at home, so that can be done.



What alcohol should I use with my bag of absinthe?

Well, we get that a lot, and there are so many alcohols to choose from! Where do we start? Below is a basic breakdown of our favorite alcohols to use with each of our flavors along with some suggestions we have had from satisfied customers. But to start, know that white rum or vodka pairs with any of the flavors, simply because they really don't have their own distinctive taste.

Green Fairy

Rye whiskey

Bootstrap rum




Black Knight

Vanilla Rum

Rye Whiskey

Root beer Vodka


Dread Pirate

Honey Whiskeys

Apple Pie Moonshine

Spiced Rum


Black Strap rum

Any corn liquor

Jim Beam Kentucky Fire

Mango Rum

Wild Turkey



White wine



Unflavored mead

Hibiscus vodka



Vanilla vodka

Jim Beam Maple




Sun-Kissed Carmel Vodka


Apple Pie Moonshine

Jim Beam Granny Smith Apple bourbon

Honey whiskey

Apple pucker


Captain Morgan's Apple Smash Rum



Vanilla vodka



Pirate XO

Yukon Jack

Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum

Dragon's Breath

Jim Beam Kentucky Fire


Chocolate Vodka

Bird Dog Chocolate flavored Whiskey

360 Double Chocolate Vodka

Wild Turkey


Cherry vodka

Sour Cherry Pucker

Vanilla vodka

Vanilla Rum

Chocolate shop Red (wine)

Black Cherry Rum



Dark Chocolate brandy

Vanilla vodka/rum



Rumple Minze

Peppermint Schnapps

Vanilla Rum/vodka


Clockwork Orange

Triple Sec

Grand Marnier

Birthday Cake Vodka

Vanilla vodka/rum

Vanilla Liqueur

Wild Turnkey Honey


Peach Schnapps


Sweet red wine

Cherry pucker


Blue Raspberry Vodka


Jim Beam Apple Bourbon

Jack Daniel's Winter Jack

Crown Royal Apple

Spiced Rum





Geranium Gin

Songbird Flora

Vanilla Vodka

Wild Turkey Honey


Mad Hatter

Caramel vodka




Vanilla Vodka/Rum

Coconut Rum

Tardis Tea

Limon Vodka/Rum

Vanilla Vodka

Dragonberry Rum

Lime Vodka/Rum

Lemonade Rum

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